A cost-effective, high-performance, and environment-friendly solution to filtration is now available from CAMAC Industries. The new series of Disc Filter Systems provides excellent particle removal at a low cost without sacrificing performance.

Camac filter units cover a wide range of requirements from 300 to 14,000 GPH utilizing a variety of media and carbon treatment types. Models are available with vertical pumps, horizontal mechanical seal pumps, and magnetic drive pumps. Slurry systems and backwashing capabilities are among a wide variety of options available. Plastic or Rubber Lined Steel construction is standard.

CAMAC Disc Filter Systems offer flow ratings as high as 8000 gallons per hour and a filtration surface area of up to 5600 square inches. The use of horizontal discs in the filtration process increases volume, reduces contamination, and lowers filtration media disposal costs.

CAMAC Disc Filter Systems are constructed of durable Polypro, PVC, or CPVC. No metal comes in contact with the solution.


The filter disc will pre-coat much more readily and uniformly. (The horizontal disc is thereby working in conjunction with gravity). The disc is consequently more efficient in particle retention than most cartridges with the same micron rating. The disc will also accept pre-coat more evenly and gravity keeps it in place.

Even small amounts of DE or powdered carbon migrating into the bath can result in hundreds (or even thousands) of roughness rejects.

The interlocking horizontal discs ensure positive sealing and are guaranteed not to bypass the contaminants that lead to surface roughness and rejected parts.


The use of Disc Packs in CAMAC’s new Disc Filter Systems is a key advance in filtration technology. The horizontal placement of discs enhances particle removal by increasing the surface area available for filtration and reduces the risk of contaminants and pre-coating materials falling into the bath. The results are fewer plating rejects, more efficient operation, and longer filter life.

An environment-friendly solution to filtration needs, the discs offer lower disposal costs and less waste. A standard 55-gallon waste drum can hold approximately 75 ten-inch tubes. The same drum can hold several thousand discs.


* All CAMAC filter systems are supplied with a plastic base. Casters are available for easy movement.
* Easily cleaned.
* Maintenance valve at filter intake is standard on all units.
* Units are available with slurry tank systems complete with interconnecting valves, piping, and fittings.
* Horizontal centrifugal pumps are equipped with non-metallic, bellows-type seals or optional water-cooled seals.
* Vertical immersion pumps are seal-free and self-priming.
* Magnetic drive pumps employ a completely seal-less design with an orbital magnetic coupling. O-ring design
* Choice of connection sizes
* Carbon treatment systems
* Interlocking horizontal discs