Our slant plate wastewater clarifier is one of the most efficient methods available for the removal of solids from process liquid and waste. While there exists a variety of designs for such devices, utilizing inclined plates allows us to pack the widest possible combined plate area into a compact floor space. Plates are placed close together, and settling surfaces are stacked to form a settling area 10 times larger than the total area occupied by the machine.


Within our range of slant plate clarifiers, we offer nine standard-sized models, handling between 5 and 400 GPM, a sludge holding capacity between 17 and 960 gallons, and a plate area of between 16 and 1,680 square feet. That large capacity comes at very little cost in terms of floor space; sizes range from 45″ x 23″ to 170″ x 120″, with heights ranging from 51″ to 147″. The machines feature no moving parts, constructed using 1/4″ steel and dye-pen-tested welding. Integral flash mixing and flocculation tanks help to increase efficiency, and the entire structure is sandblasted, primed, and painted to provide maximum chemical resistance. Each device comes equipped with 1/4″ thick removable PVC settling plates, dual sludge outlet flanges, sludge sampling ports, and a large side-access hatch to allow for easy maintenance.


In addition to the standard features, our slant plate clarifiers can also be equipped with:

  • Mixers for flash and flocculation tanks.
  • Coal-tar epoxy interior coating (other coatings and materials are available).
  • Influent feed and sludge discharge pumps.
  • Custom designs available.
  • PolyMark™ polymer delivery systems