Filter Presses

We offer a broad array of filter press sizes to meet your needs. From 250mm/0.4 cu.ft [11L] all the way to 2000mm/600 cu.ft [17000L], our selection provides the right size press for your specific project. We also carry a wide selection of filter press parts and accessories like plate shifters, hydraulic systems, piping and manifolds, self-dumping cake hoppers, and more.

Our equipment is used in a number of different industrial applications. Anywhere a company needs to separate solids from water or other liquids, we can help. Car and truck washes can use our presses to filter wastewater for reuse. Industrial laundries can share the same benefit as lint, sand and grit, emulsified oils and gre [M.W. Watermark Industry Applications – Car and Truck Wash – Filter Press] ases and many other unwanted wastes are filtered out of water, which can then often be reused. If solids are generated during the treatment of municipal drinking water or wastewater, our filter presses are an ideal solution. For example, when lime is used to soften water, the solids generated must be removed afterward. Our process dewaters the lime slurry, and the leftover dried lime can be used for a variety of purposes, including soil augmentation.